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Hand Painted T-shirts

We hand paint your t-shirts (old or new).  For this picture, I used my old PE t-shirt in college and wore it around the campus when I was still a student.  Until now I am still wearing it at home or anywhere I want to go.  We have lots of old t-shirt stocked inside our closet and we felt it is already outdated and we chose not to wear them anymore.

To give it a twist, why not put your favorite anime on your old or new t-shirt? Actually, I really don't know the name of this anime character but I found this one sexy so I drew and painted this by hand.

Please click image for better view

My Other Works - Hand Painted Pants
If you have your own t-shirt, we hand paint it for as low as P200.  It depends on the difficulty or how detailed your anime is.  For inquiries, please contact us.


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