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Photo Restoration Project 2 - Face Replacement

So I have a fond memory with this image.  This is the project I had in high school with our computer subject. Since Smallville was a big hit and I am a fan of Tom Welling, I decided to browsed any images with Clark and Lana. Haha! So I found this one.

I didn't have a nice picture of myself that fits the face of Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) so I only got 95% for the project but not bad enough because of the humor that was playing on my mind.  Actually, the picture above was not the original image I submitted to my teacher but a revised one.  My face that was replaced on Lana Lang's was a picture when I was a college student.

The original image I submitted to my teacher was created through Adobe Photoshop but the revised image was created through the combination of GIMP and Fireworks.  I have trouble using with the two image enhancing soft wares because I am not used to it until now.  I prefer Adobe Photoshop.

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Photo Restoration Project

I just want to showcase here some of the photos I edited or restored using Adobe Photoshop. The original photo was heavily damaged so I need to restore the old photo with no blemishes and background imperfection. The ears of the little boy are also damaged in the picture so I needed to replace it with another ears of another black boy found in Google images.

Check out the fan page here: Fotografi Rox


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