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Basic Photography Workshop Experience

Location: Handuraw Pizza, Gorordo Avenue
Date taken: October 27, 2013

photo by Blue Pax
This October, I and my friends went to Manila and visited Intramuros. I was envious that there was a Basic Photography Workshop for a certain fee. Oh, how I wish I could stay in Manila and join the workshop but it would be expensive. So by the time I came back to Cebu, Cebu Shooters Guild (CSG) created a workshop for free on basic photography so I grabbed the opportunity to learn from the pro for free.

Photo by LA with the mentor Jan Mat
I wasn't so keen on taking notes but I am hoping that I could still remember what I've learned from the mentor Jan Mat. The discussion was not too technical, good thing because I am not good at it. The elements I need to remember in photography: light, camera and subject.

Make good use of the natural light. We don't need expensive flashes and strobes unless you are working in a photo studio. Even though you're just inside the house, as long as there is light from a window or an open door then it's okay. We had an exercise using our hand to find the light, it's a technique where you can place the subject.

The camera, either it's a digital or film slr, as long as you can manually adjust the camera then you're ready to go. 

The subject, in our discussion it was about portraits. In portraits, you can ask your friend to be your model for the photo shoot. After all the discussions, we had an activity to apply the things we learned from the workshop. Of course, the settings like ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed were also included. We also had a glimpse in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Since it was all portraits, most of us have the 50 mm prime lens f/1.8 or any lens that has a wide aperture of at least f/2.8. The wider aperture, the better because it renders natural and beautiful background blur.

Here are some of the photos I took during the workshop:

For my nifty fifty project, I guess I need some more improvement. :)


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