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Mike and Sheminith Post-Nup Slideshow

Location: Seaside Haven Resort in Pinamungajan, Cebu
Who: Mike and Sheminith
When: February 19, 2014
Photographer: Roxanne M. Tamayo

Mike and Sheminith got married last January 25, 2013 but they never had their pre-nup photo shoot. After a year, they decided to have one. It is not yet too late to have your own pre-nup. 

These two were my classmates in high school. Who would have thought they would end up together?

The photos were taken by a Nikon D5100 with Nikorr 50mm f/1.8G lens and edited in Adobe Lightroom  and Photoshop. 


Sunrise Engagement Shoot Idea in Naga, Cebu

Last February 15, 2014, I attended a Valentine's Day Concert in Inayagan, Naga, Cebu. We had a pool party after it and for me, it was the coolest party I've ever been. It ended until one or two in the morning so I and my friends decided to stay until the sun rise up.

When it was six in the morning, we decided to go to the beach and witness the sunrise and took several pictures.

How To Shoot Sunrise?

Since this is a landscape photography, the aperture to be used is between f/8 to f/16. I was on Manual Mode and Manual Focus so it was easy for me to switch shutter speed and aperture. It was daytime so I was using ISO 100. The lens attached to my camera is the 50mm f/1.8G lens and I am happy with this lens because it is super fast.

Settings: 1/100ƒ/16ISO 10050 mm
Fortunately, a bird passed by as a good subject with this sunrise. I remember the photography workshop I attended that a sunrise or sunset is better when someone or something passed by in front of the camera and capture it.

Settings: 1/100ƒ/8ISO 10050 mm
I usually cropped the image like it was zoomed. With the fast lens I have, if I zoomed or cropped the image, it is still sharp.  

Settings: 1/100ƒ/16ISO 10050 mm
I called up my friends as my subjects while the sun was rising and act up as if they were engaged couple. I just directed them what to do to make it romantic. Haha!
Settings: 1/100ƒ/16ISO 10050 mm

Settings: 1/100ƒ/16ISO 10050 mm

Settings: 1/100ƒ/16ISO 10050 mm
For Prenup/Engagement, Wedding Photoshoot... do not hesitate to contact me for the rates at 0 9 1 6 3 2 3 8 5 9 8 or click the contact form.

Please check out my portfolio and Flickr for more wonderful photos. :) 


Jophael and Zerla Wedding

My relatives and I were invited to a cousin's wedding last October of 2013 so I got the opportunity to try shooting a wedding. I was not the official photographer but I shoot as a guest. I was already aware that I should not interfere the official photographers around.

I was happy with my shots and felt like I was the second photographer. Hehe! 

This is my first time of taking photos on a wedding using a DSLR camera and purchasing 50 mm 1.8G is not a regret.

You can check my portfolio site and more photos on my Flickr account

Daniel Padilla Concert Live in Naga last July 2013

This is a very late post but I will going to share these pictures here on this blog of Daniel Padilla during his concert here in City of Naga Cebu last July 2013. Fortunately, I got three free tickets from Cebu Barkada with my mom and sis.

This is the first time I used the Nikkor 50mm F/1.8G lens for a concert especially that the lights on the stage were so distracting. Sometimes I got good shots, sometimes bad.

The photos were originally in landscape so I decided to crop the photos into 8"x10" through Adobe Photoshop. The pictures were taken as is with no further edits.

You can check my portfolio site and more photos on Flickr.


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